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Improve Efficiency & Reduce Costs with Shell’s Energy Management Program: Shell Energy Inside

Your business needs to reduce costs and meet sustainability pledges, but major roadblocks stand in the way. Either you don’t have the time to tackle the problem, the capital to see the project through to the end, or the expertise to even know where to start.

Shell Energy Inside is an innovative, end-to-end solution that helps commercial and industrial companies optimize their energy usage and increase resiliency against outages. Shell Energy Inside simplifies the process of upgrading aging infrastructure at your facilities by managing the design, vendor selection, procurement, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of all equipment and systems.

Shell Energy Inside can be structured as a subscription service, which means you pay a fixed monthly fee out of your operating budget--no upfront capital required.

Tailored for You, No Matter Your Industry

Shell Energy Inside is customizable down to the last lightbulb, yet it’s widely applicable to C&I companies across North America. Here are just a few industries we serve:

  • Manufacturing: Streamline and safeguard your operations while leaving your power challenges to Shell Energy Inside
  • Education: School districts, colleges, and universities can improve student comfort and set an example of sustainability for the leaders of tomorrow
  • Healthcare: Guarantee the well-being of those in your care with dependable, uninterrupted power solutions
  • Retail: Protect your inventory and improve customer experience and retention

Who Should Use Shell Energy Inside?

Do you have…

  • poor visibility into your energy usage?
  • aging energy infrastructure?
  • rising energy costs and strained resources to devote to energy projects?
  • multiple energy vendors supplying multiple sites, with no centralized control?
  • a commercial property and/or a long-term lease?
  • sustainability goals you need to meet?

If you answered yes to any of these, Shell Energy Inside was designed for you.

How We Help: Our Integrated Solutions

Shell Energy Inside adds value to your operations in three primary categories:

Energy Management & Controls

Shell Energy Inside gives C&I customers unprecedented insight into and control of their energy usage. Through cutting-edge tracking and analytics, Shell Energy Inside helps you understand where your power needs are and develops and implements an intuitive energy management system to save you money.

Energy Efficiency

Shell Energy Inside’s experienced engineering team identifies opportunities for replacing existing infrastructure that has reached the end of its useful life and could lead to efficiency gains and cost reductions. This often includes switching to LED lighting, replacing HVAC units, updating refrigeration units, and more.

Energy Resiliency

Some, or all, of your electrical demand may be mission critical or you may require higher power quality. As a member of the Shell family and an integral part of Shell Energy Inside, MP2 Energy adds the experience as a provider of behind-the-meter energy solutions that will strengthen your resiliency and insulate you from outages. We offer backup power solutions such as generators, battery storage, solar/wind/natural gas supplies, and more.


  • A service contract means no costly outlays for infrastructure or installation
  • Shell manages everything, end-to-end, a fully outsourced solution
  • All equipment is guaranteed to function to agreed-upon levels for at least the length of the contract term. If it doesn’t, you pay nothing
  • All preventive and reactive maintenance and replacement is included in your subscription
  • For added financing flexibility, you have the option to purchase your energy equipment at fair market value at the end of your contract or renew it and upgrade to the latest technology

On-Bill Financing Available

In deregulated markets such as Texas or PJM, MP2 Energy can act as the retail power supplier for your business as a Shell Energy Insider. This not only makes billing simple and keeps all your energy services within the Shell family, you receive the benefit of MP2’s industry-leading customer service and energy supply and demand experience for commercial, industrial, and municipal clients across the U.S.

Enhance Your Energy Solutions & Save Even More with Demand Response

MP2 has helped countless customers save on their energy bills by curtailing their power use during times of peak grid stress and energy prices. Combining MP2’s expertise with Shell Energy Inside’s automated controls solution enables customers to earn even more money through demand response programs with little or no impact on their operations.