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Electric Vehicles for Commercial Fleets

Electric cars are the future. In fact, many of your employees may already be driving them and want to see your company fleet go green, as well. Forward-thinking companies are increasingly switching their fleets to all electric to take advantage of the lower operating costs compared to gas-powered vehicles over their lifetime, as well as the positive impact on the environment electric vehicles (EVs) provide.

With our industry expertise and strategic partnerships, MP2 can assist with customers’ EV needs. In addition, MP2 supplies the power and optimizes your usage for maximum savings.

Cleaner Business Driving, Backed by Shell and Powered By MP2

MP2 is a subsidiary of Shell Energy North America. When you work with MP2 to convert your fleet to EV, you’re tapping into the power of Shell’s green energy portfolio:

  • Greenlots provides turnkey charging stations and network deployment software
  • NewMotion is a leader in both indoor and outdoor charging stations and offers charge point management services
  • Shell’s Fleet Services offer managers dedicated tools to control, track, and secure their transportation transactions, supported by dedicated, 24/7 customer service

As a Shell Energy North America subsidiary, MP2 brings its extensive experience as a full-service energy company to handle the retail supply and power scheduling for companies’ EV fleets.

Electric Fleet Charging

Why You Should Electrify Your Fleet

Here are just a few reasons making the change to an all-electric fleet is an excellent choice for your business:

Cost savings

A full charge costs much less than a full tank of gas, and EVs are also cheaper and easier to maintain and service than traditional cars.

Less susceptibility to fuel price fluctuations

Gasoline is a notoriously volatile commodity, and though energy prices can also fluctuate, MP2’s rate plans help you lower your peak demand and avoid peak pricing.


Fully electric vehicles protect the environment by producing no tailpipe emissions and their batteries use neither lead nor acid, which can be toxic if not properly recycled.

Employee satisfaction

You gain the ability to market your environmental efforts by promoting your association with a specific renewable facility.


Federal and state programs are available to offset the costs of investing in EV infrastructure.

Electric Vehicle Charging

How Does it Work?

You provide the fleet, and MP2 can recommend or bring in partners to handle the installation of all necessary infrastructure, including charging stations at any and all your commercial locations.

MP2 then lowers your costs by locking in your energy rates at competitive prices, and managing your demand loads. By transferring you to alternative energy sources, MP2 helps you avoid higher peak demand costs while staying green. We also help you achieve grid stability by balancing your load across your entire system.

With Shell's cutting-edge software, you’ll even be able to adjust your charging speeds, prioritize individual charges, and track charging station performance, and more.

Creating Even More Value with MP2

MP2 offers a suite of services for both commercial and residential applications that can be seamlessly merged with our EV fleet services. For example, your employees can enroll in our electric vehicle charging program, with free charging incentives when charged at night.

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