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Battery Storage

Sustainability. Reliability. Cost savings. Whatever the reason your company is moving into renewable power sources, battery storage amplifies those efforts. MP2 Energy is a leading provider in this fast-growing sector of the renewable energy industry.

Battery Storage for Commercial and industrial

Commercial Battery Storage - Better Resiliency and More Value for Your C&I Business

Stationary energy storage is continually becoming more economical as battery technology advances and costs decrease. In other words, there’s never been a better time to get started. Here’s how a battery storage system benefits your business:

  • Allows you to participate in income-generating curtailment programs such as price arbitrage, demand response, coincident peak management, and other ancillary service programs like frequency response
  • Protects you against electric grid variability and outages
  • Boosts corporate sustainability by reducing “wasted” energy from the sun by pairing it with a solar power system
  • Complements standby generators through power quality enhancement
  • Reduces the run time on backup generators, which can reduce harmful emissions

Utility Battery Storage - Generation Development Applications

Despite being a relatively new addition to the alternative energy generation market, the fundamentals for optimizing the economics on a new battery storage project remain the same as those for solar farms, wind farms, and other renewable projects. Our team has the asset management expertise to help you ensure strong returns.

Through our Generation Development services, MP2 Energy helps power plant and generation resource owners add battery storage to their existing facilities or start from the ground up with a new battery storage power station. We can integrate SCADA systems to monitor and report on the system’s performance, as well as handle your legal and contractual obligations, including power purchase agreements, environmental regulations, and more.

Types of Battery Systems

These are the most common types of storage setups:

Solar + Storage
Battery storage solves the issue of variability in solar power generation by banking power generated while the sun is shining and discharging power when it’s not.

Generator + Storage

Pairing battery storage with a standby or backup generator run on traditional fuels such as natural gas or diesel is a smart way to bolster your ramp rate. By combining them, a battery storage system with a natural gas generator can increase power output to the desired level much faster than the generator could on its own.

A simple way to begin with battery storage is to install a bank--or even single battery--that charges via the grid. You still get the resiliency of backup power with the added benefits of participation in arbitrage, demand response, and other economic programs.

Trailer-mounted mobile battery systems are hailed for their ability to defer costs, manage short-term loads, and deliver flexibility.

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