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[Graphic: cityscape appears]

It’s not new news: there’s a big macro shift in how energy is generated and how we receive it 

[Graphic: power shown generating from combined-cycle natural gas power plants and sent to customers all over the area] 

Historically, electrons have been generated in a hub and spoke model -- from far-flung single points and distributed to customers. 

[Graphic: renewable energy sources like wind turbines, commercial solar, solar farms and residential rooftop solar appear all over the landscape] 

Today, the adoption of new energy technologies is happening at an incredibly fast rate and changing how customers power their lives

[Graphic: power flowing from power outlet and then through a power meter]

Yet, people will always want to consume the electrons they need, to live the way they are used to. One of the key roles of tomorrow’s utility is knowing how to manage the power flows into and out of people’s power meter. 

[Text: MP2 is doing this today] 

MP2 is doing this today. 

[Graphic: Conceptual sphere appears with different aspects of the modern power market including Commercial rooftop solar, Residential rooftop solar, Demand Response programs with thermostats and battery storage, Electric Vehicles (EVs) & other transportation, Battery Storage]

And what we’ve learned is that to manage a customer’s power flows AND be able to provide the best rate for them, we needed to be experts in everything related to how that electron is generated and used. 

This includes:

Commercial rooftop solar

Residential rooftop solar

Demand Response programs with thermostats and battery storage

Electric Vehicles (EVs) & other transportation

Battery Storage

And here’s the thing about a modern electricity provider: You can’t “do” just one of these. They are all intertwined and all work together. And you can’t just pick this stuff up. 

[Text: Retail Supply | Wholesale Market Participant] 

You have to be a retailer, you have to be a wholesale market participant. 

You have to know each of them inside and out. You have to be able to calculate and show how they work together. 

And, the economics of each of these things change constantly. 

All of this stuff lays onto the current MP2 platform. It’s the platform and the approach of being able to touch all of these aspects. It’s complex “stuff.” 

[Text: MP2 is doing that stuff] 

MP2 is doing that stuff. And we’ve simplified it. 

[Graphic: The aspects of a 24/7 Scheduling Desk and Complex C&I Retail Billing] 

As one of the largest retail energy suppliers and the largest demand response provider in Texas and manager of wholesale generation assets, a 24/7 scheduling desk, and a complex C&I retail billing platform, we're able to take all these pieces and scale them instantly downstream.

[Text: Smarter Plans, Lower Rates, Enhanced Reliability, Greater De-carbonization] 

At the end of the day, the customer is going to get smarter plans, a lower rate, enhanced reliability, and greater de-carbonization/greenification of their power usage. 

[Text: 85% client retention rate] 

At MP2, we’ve had one focus since we started: first-class customer service. 

And if you break that down, it means that we’ve needed to be at the forefront of the changes in the energy landscape. 

Today, it is MP2’s vision to be the best renewable power company on the planet

[Text: Commitment to New Energy, Electrification Investments, EVs, Battery Storage] 

We are leveraging Shell’s balance sheet and commitment to new energy including Shell’s pledge to invest in electrification investments including EVs, renewables, & battery storage. 

[Graphic: Shell | MP2 Energy logo] 

The expertise, the commitment to customer service and the leverage -- that’s what continues to build the MP2 Energy of tomorrow. 

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